Me likey

Raleigh is showing a new SSCXWC frame at Interbike 2010. It’s carbon goodness with a belt drive. Mmm. That’s not a great picture of it. There’s more of this eye candy on CX magazine’s site. Wish I could figure how to afford and fly to Seattle for this year’s Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in late October.

Perhaps the Singlespeed Intergalatic Championship at Staten Island CX in mid-November will have to do.


3 responses to “Me likey

  1. Chris,

    I have followed your blog for some time (2 years). I was wondering if you are going to race ‘cross at Trashmore on Thanksgiving Sunday?

    Thanks, Wil

    • I’ll definitely be there. That’s my team’s race. It’s a fun course.

      • Maybe I will meet you there. I moved to Vermont 7 years ago and then found your blog. Its cool to read about cycling from my root town. Are you racing SS? I am and was wondering what is a good setup. Thanks, Wil

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