Daily Archives: October 19, 2010

Tongue-wagging and flying in Richmond

Raced three times at Bryan Park on Saturday the 9th, first in the masters 35+, then a one-lap time trial and later in the B’s. In the 35+ field, I was quickly dropped on the fast course, which featured a lot of road, due to a poor start and my own lack of form. I ended in 11th on my old geared Giant. An hour later I raced the time trial for the weekend omnium and finished 6th in 4 minutes, 53 seconds. Maybe I should be racing better or maybe my issue is endurance.

Later I raced the singlespeed Raleigh in the 3-race, which also featured the collegiate Bs. I felt better in this race and actually was dueling with a few guys rather than riding alone. I was shocked to find myself spinning away from guys on the road with the singlespeed 42×18 gearing. The other guys must have had some tired legs. Loved how the SSCX handled too. Much more sure footed than the Giant. Unfortunately I also experienced a dismount fail, missing my saddle on the jump and landing with my inside thigh on the rotating tire – big cut and bruise. My Tripower teammate Mike Park captured these images.

The next day we raced at Chimborazo Park on the other side of Richmond. My result was much the same on a very different course. The starting third was atop a flat plateau, which was followed by a screaming, weaving descent to the bottom of the park and a long grind of a climb, including stairs, back to the finish. I got 12th in 35+, which ,thanks to the time trial the day before, settled me in 7th for the weekend. These are some cool shots over the super tall barriers and on the off-camber downhill turn from teammate Tami Cole.

But this is my favorite image from Park on that day – bunnyhopping over the short barrier: